Posted by: Linda Trunell | June 5, 2016

New FurAlert is Amber Alert for Pets

When a pet goes missing time is of the essence. The longer they are missing the greater the chance of injury, death or just never knowing what happened to them. This FREE mobile app, FurAlert is Amber Alert for pets, an emergency response system that can notify nearby people with information and a photo about a reported missing pet. This could greatly increase the chance of getting your pet home safe and sound.


I have downloaded the app and filled in Max’s information and a photo of him. I recommend that every one with a pet get the app – even if your pet has an identification tag and a microchip. To learn more about how FurAlert works go to

The more people who have the app the more effective it will be!

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,



Posted by: Linda Trunell | May 9, 2016

Reasons to Love Canine Science

If you love dogs, you must love canine science. I think it is wonderful that we are learning so much about our best friends!  Here is a great post describing what science is discovering about dogs and how these discoveries can help us to train better.

Source: 6 Reasons to Love Canine Science 

It helps us train our dogs better

Dog training relies on well-established techniques of operant and classical conditioning, but more recent research specific to dogs and their owners can also help improve our training technique. Many studies show an association between the use of punitive techniques and behaviour problems such as aggression (e.g. Casey et al 2013; Herron et al 2009; Rooney and Cowan 2011). Studies also show the importance of timing, that dogs prefer food over petting and praise (Feuerbacher and Wynne 2012), that the type of treat matters, and even that dogs love to work to earn a reward (McGowan et al 2014).

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I wanted to share this well-written and thoughtful post with my readers.  When we understand what “traditional” punishment-based training methods do to our dogs and our relationships with them, we can strive to be better guardians and build relationships based on trust as we teach them with positive reinforcement.

We humans have been trained that the best way to train our dogs is through the use of coercion — and punishment and rewards. But Eric Brad has learned through his studies of behavioral science that…

Source: Selling Snake Oil: Stopping Behaviour Doesn’t Make a “Good Dog”

Posted by: Linda Trunell | November 27, 2015

Myth Busted: Pit Bulls Don’t Bite Differently

Even some “pit bull” advocates are guilty of perpetuating these myths. The truth is: “No dog is biologically equipped with a unique jaw structure, locking mechanism, biting mechanism or “style” that would differentiate them from other breeds of dogs.”

Posted by: Linda Trunell | October 11, 2015

Click-a-Trick Class


Muppet and Max AKC Canine Good Citizens

Muppet and Max
AKC Canine Good Citizens

Muppet is the star in Click-a-Trick Class. He is not only a graduate of Advanced Training Class but he’s an AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen and a therapy dog!

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