Posted by: Linda Trunell | May 26, 2013

Tragedy in a Training Class

Sophia Belle
Sophia Belle

I just read a post on Facebook that has my blood boiling. It was the story of a couple who took their English Bulldog puppy to a training class and the puppy was actually killed by the trainer.!/SophiaBelleMemorialPage

This should never have happened. Any trainer who would use a “correction” like this is a disgrace to the profession. Please, please know who is training your dog. Just because someone works for a company who offers “Positive Reinforcement” Training, or they have some letters after their name, does not guarantee they are force-free trainers. Ask lots of questions about their training methods, ask for references, and ask to observe a training class before you commit. You owe it to your dog.

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  1. This is an awful thing to happen!



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