Posted by: Linda Trunell | June 9, 2013

Why are People Still Shocking Dogs?

To use shock as an effective dog training method you will need:
  • A thorough understanding of canine behavior.
  • A thorough understanding of learning theory.
  • Impeccable timing.

And if you have those three things, you don’t need a shock collar. 

                                                  — Dr. Ian Dunbar

Boxer puppy in shock collar by Shutterstock 
See The Pet Professional Guild Position Statement on the Use of Shock in Animal Training
Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,


  1. Well said.


    • It is so true and I wish I knew who said it.


  2. Just found out that the quote is from Dr. Ian Dunbar! Updated the post.


  3. I had a newfie back a few years who even tho we lived in frozen hell up north much preferred to be outside rather than in. When we first moved up there he had barking issue – it didn’t bother me but it bothered the now X. To the point she bitched daily – she was not a dog person. Iwent and bought a bark collar with no intention of ever using it. She would ask daily are you going to ever put it on him. I would mutter yeah and then not do it all the while working with him to curb the barking. Soon she quit asking and I returned the dumb collar to the store

    BTW fantastic quote


    • Good for you! Bark collars are not recommended by positive reinforcement trainers.
      I love the quote, too. When I first posted this blog entry I didn’t know who said it but it made perfect sense so I posted it as “Unknown”. I did some digging and a reputable source credited it to Dr. Ian Dunbar.



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