Posted by: Linda Trunell | November 10, 2013

My Dog is Perfect (Not)

I often take Max to work with me and everyone comments on how big, handsome, and well-behaved he is.  I agree he is all that but he is not perfect.  HPIM6006

He is not perfect because:

  • He sometimes barks at people or other dogs when we are walking – even though it is usually because he wants to greet them, it is not polite.
  • He sometimes tries to hump other dogs when he is playing. I don’t have any scientific studies to confirm my theory but I think it is role-play – just like play fighting between dogs.  When dogs play with each other they mimic natural fighting behaviors – open mouth “bitey-face”, chasing one another and sometimes wrestling or barking or growling.  I think these are role-play and that mounting in this context is role-play of another natural behavior necessary for reproduction.  But, that being said, humping is not socially acceptable!
  • He freaks out (barks and paces frantically) when he hears firecrackers and sometimes barks and lunges at motorcycles that are very loud and close when we are walking.  (We are still working on this reaction.)
  • He sometimes jumps on people when he gets excited – even though it is only people he really likes and he will sit after being reminded it is not good because he is about 105 lbs.  Fortunately, he has never knocked anyone down! (This is an improvement because he used to be a big time jumper!)
  • When he is excited because my grandson, daughter or son-in-law come home when we are babysitting at their house he grabs a shoe or one of the baby’s toys and runs around with it.  I know he wants them to play with him and he doesn’t bother those things any other time.All_20130403082556_3
  • He likes to dig holes.Max 2nd Year_20120906204403_4
  • He loves to roll in mud or anything stinky!Dirty Dog

I still think Max is the perfect dog for me.  Here is why:

  • He is a confident, gentle dog who loves people, especially kids, and most other dogs.
  • He is tolerant of puppies and other dogs in class.  He is not submissive but politely lets them know what he doesn’t like by moving away or telling them to back-off with a bark or two if necessary.Max Meets WatsonMax, Sadie & Sophia
  • He has never snapped or bit anyone.
  • He has no desire to chase cats, squirrels, bunnies, birds, or blowing leaves.
  • He never chews up anything he shouldn’t, gets into the trash, or steals food from the table or counter.
  • He hasn’t peed indoors since he was 3 months old and he has never pooped indoors once.I Love My Dog
  • He doesn’t have separation anxiety, thinks car rides are fun, cooperates with the groomer and the vet (although the vet is not his favorite place to go) and he walks nicely on the leash 99.5% of the time.My Valentine 2-14-2013
  • He waits until I tell him it is okay to go out the door or get out of the car.
  • He takes food very gently and never grabs hands.

Training Tips

He is not perfect but I think he is the perfect dog for me. No dog is perfect, just as no person is.  I’m sure he would like me to be more perfect in some ways although I think I am a very good guardian.  He would probably like me to spend more time playing with him and take him to the dog park more often.

Linda & Max

I guess you can tell I’m very much in love with Max.  I would love to hear why you think your dog is perfect (not) and how much you love them!

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,



  1. For me you are a perfect dog, Max and your mom loves you, so you must be a wonderful guy. btw: wow that’s really a big hole, I’m deep impressed


    • Max says, “Thank you, Easy. I was pretty proud of myself but my Mom didn’t seem impressed!”


  2. Reblogged this on Dog Leader Mysteries and commented:
    Go see this blog today. I like it because Positive Dog Training Blog writes honestly and with a twist of wit, plus her dog photographs ROCK!


    • Thank you so much, Deborah for reblogging this on your blog Dog Leader Mysteries. I am really honored! Your stories are really good and you do so much to help dogs. I hope that any of my readers who are not already following you will discover what they are missing. 🙂


  3. Max sounds like a happy and exuberant dog ^ ^


    • I think he is a happy dog – I certainly try to make him feel safe. He is my friend and companion and he makes me very happy. I’m sure you feel the same way about Donna! 🙂


  4. To tell why my DOGs are perfect or not I would have to write a book or a few books. maybe I can start with just one at a time. Post prompt?


    • Oh, I definitely would love to read all about each one! I already know they live in a paradise and I’m pretty sure they are all happy but it would be interesting to hear about their individual little “quirks”. I’m looking forward to learning more about them! 🙂



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