Posted by: Linda Trunell | March 14, 2014

Friday Fact – OCD Genes Found in Dogs

OCD Genes Found in Dogs

Incessant tail chasing, repetitive shadow stalking, relentless paw chewing for hours and hours every day: Dogs can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, too. And a new study helps explain why.



  1. Yep, Bob’s got it. He spends hours washing his paws, the same way a cat would.


    • Hi, Maria! Have you ruled out medical issues (such as allergies)? If you haven’t, here’s a good article you might want to read – If it is not medical it could be OCD.


      • Read the article thank you. On his last visit to the vet we believed it to be a by product of his arthritis as he tends to concentrate on his front paws I have changed his diet to a more Mediterranean style diet with oils and fish hoping that the loss of a few pounds would help and so far so good he is still playing with Ellie . he is 10 years old

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