Posted by: Linda Trunell | March 30, 2014

More Dog Behavior Myths

There are many myths about dogs that pervade dog training. Myths take on semblances of “fact” when they persist for so long.  See Top Ten Dog Behavior Myths
Many of these long-held myths contribute to the belief that we should be the pack leader and that using aversive training methods is okay.  It’s okay because dogs need to see us as the Alpha dog.  It’s okay because dogs don’t feel pain like we do – physical or emotional.  It’s okay because that’s what the guy on TV does.

Unfortunately, there are also myths about puppy behavior and health risks of socialization which are still believed by some veterinarians and they continue to give bad advice.

Puppy Class

Puppy Class

Dr. Ian Dunbar: The risks associated with attending puppy classes are minimal to nonexistent and the benefits are positively huge: Puppies learn 1) bite inhibition through puppy play and 2) proper interaction with people during off-leash play and while being handled by strangers. And owners learn to train their puppies in a controlled setting in which training is integrated with play. In this setting, a puppy’s reward for training is play with other dogs.

People say, “Well, that’s what we always did.” I am so thankful we are now studying dogs and learning so much more than ever before. My favorite quote from Maya Angelou says it best “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,



  1. I never worried about Simba’s behaviours as to me he was like a little child. Maybe not the best way to raise a ‘pet’ but I went with my motherly instinct and feelings and still do and after 15 years we still love each other very much. 😀
    Lovely post as usual Linda. Have a great day! 😀

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    • Thanks, Sonel. You and Simba are so blessed to have such a long, happy relationship. Wishing you many more years! 🙂


      • I am the blessed one Linda. My little man sure is the best friend I could ever ask for. Thanks for the lovely wishes hon. 😀


  2. #9 is really a myth…. my shoes made that sad experience :o)


    • Uh oh! Shoes are great for chewing – so are socks and underwear and pretty much anything in range of a pup’s mouth. 😉


  3. Thanks for sharing, the more people who know, the better. It’s great to see research supporting positive reinforcement,


    • Thanks! The general public needs to catch up to the science. 🙂



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