Posted by: Linda Trunell | May 18, 2014

Reinforcing Calmness

Max attends most of my training classes and has learned to settle and lie calmly while I am working with other dogs.  He is getting better and better at this behavior as time goes on because I have been reinforcing it with treats and praise.  When I first started bringing him to class, he would usually try to follow me around the room and expected treats when I was rewarding another dog.  I used to tether him but now I usually don’t have to.  I just ask him to “settle” and he goes to the spot and lies down.

Max and Sophia


If you would like your dog to settle calmly while you are eating, cooking, working on the computer, or even working with your other dog, you can capture calmness and reinforce it.  I used to recommend “clicking” and treating for calm but I am always learning and I think this video by Emily Larlham (Kikopup) shows a better way.  Emily suggests not using the clicker for this as some dogs become too excited and focused on the treat.




I really like the Kikopup videos and I recommend subscribing to them.  Emily is an excellent trainer and you will learn a lot from her videos!

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,



  1. Awwwwww Linda, he is just the most adorable and cutest ever! I love seeing photo’s of Max. You did such a great job and love the photo’s. Stunning shots hon! 😀

    Simba used to be like that but now he is deaf. Sometimes I think he just pretends to be. LOL! But being 15 years young I don’t blame him. 😀

    Great post hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

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    • Thanks, Sonel. I am not a good photographer and these were taken with my phone. Sometimes I just get lucky – lol.

      Bless little Simba at 15 yrs. young! You take excellent care of him. 🙂 xo


      • Oh, you are so modest Linda. I know lots of phones that takes great shots and yours are one of them. They are beautiful and so is Max. 😀

        Shame yes, the cold is not our friend when it comes to the muscle pains and aches but we will survive it as we do every year. He is now snuggled up on his little bed by the heater. Thanks for the lovely compliment hon. He is my little boy and deserve the best. 😀

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  2. I really love Kikopup videos and sometimes wonder if it’s just me! LOL They have really helped me alot in terms of learning how to train Donna. But I still am not very good at getting her to settle on command, haha. Good job Max!

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    • I love Emily’s videos. I sometimes learn something new or how to do something old in a better way. Settle on cue gets better as it gets rewarded (reinforced). Donna will do it, too, if you make it worth her while – lol.



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