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Want to be your dog’s best friend? Join the Revolution!


Are you trying to be the pack leader?  What if I told you there is a better way to get the behaviors you want from your dog while becoming his best friend?  Wouldn't you rather have a relationship built on trust instead of fear? You can by using marker training and positive reinforcement.  No force, fear or intimidation is needed.  When you learn to communicate what you want and then reward that behavior, you and your dog will have a bond built on trust and cooperation.

Belle, Marcy and Bear

Clicker training is a form of marker training. I find that most dogs learn faster when I use a clicker. The click is like taking a snapshot of the exact behavior you want from the dog. You may use a vocal marker (e.g. "yes" or "good") but the clicker is a unique sound which leaves no question. Once the dog has been conditioned to the clicker he knows it means "Yes! That is what I wanted and you have earned a food reward!" What a great way to communicate!

Max and Bella

Instead of focusing on behaviors you do not want and marking them with your attention, you will increase the behaviors you do want by marking and rewarding them. Yelling 'NO!' may interrupt an unwanted behavior but it does not give a dog any information as to what he should be doing instead. 

Max, Bones and Nico

Science has proven that positive reinforcement is the best way to teach any species but the pack theory based on dominance in dog training is still being used by some trainers and the general public (as seen on “reality” television programs).

Harley and Bella

If you are not using positive reinforcement in your relationship with your dog, join the revolution in dog training.  Better yet, let’s all use positive reinforcement in all of our relationships.


What every person can learn from dog training | Noa Szefler | TEDxJaffa

Published on Dec 22, 2014

Marker Training is a way to train dogs and build better communication with them, and it works great with people, too! Using positive reinforcement and the science of how all animals learn can change every relationship in your life: with your dog, your cat, your spouse or your child. Teaching this way focuses on what the learner does right and gets you more of that; it deepens the bond, builds cooperation and helps us to understand our learner in a new way, whether he is a dog, a person or another species. Feel free to try this at home!

Here’s to being our dog’s best friend,



  1. What a beautiful point about having a relationship built on trust and mutual cooperation. Thank you for sharing an alternative to the punishment-focused mentality.

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